Fully Automatic Range


The stretch wrapping machine for packing manufactured by Atlanta Stretch are also called Pallet Wrapper or Pallet Wrapping Machine,  because they apply a film, or stretch film, of plastic material around the pallet for protecting and preserving products during transport.These machineries meet different requirements of producers, industries, commercial businesses and whoever needs to stabilise transport pallets, and/or protect products for a prolonged storing.

The stretch film used by Atlanta Stretch is a plastic material called LLDPE, which has mechanical features which allow it to wrap elastically the pallet and block it.

Application of the film could be carried out also by hand by the operator, but these special automatic or semi automatic wrapping machines allow speeding consistently this operation, by working entirely or partially independently.

Our Machines

The automatic wrapping machines do not need the intervention of the operator either in the hooking stage of the film or in the final expulsion stage, the pallet in fact reaches the machinery through a roller which places it correctly at the centre of the platform; here the machine proceeds in wrapping it according to the programme set previously by the operator, and once the process is completed, it is expelled.