Shrink Films

Single Wound Polythene Sheeting

The single wound polythene sheeting is a fully adaptable products that is made from low-density polythene (LDPE) that can be used for a variety of applications due to the items properties:

• 100% recyclable 

• Neutral Colour

• Versatility 

• Variety of densities 

• Low density

The sheeting is available in three main sizes:

– 1143mm x 60mu x 25kg

– 1250mm x 150mu x 30kg

– 1500mm x 75mu x 50kg

This product comes in a standard colour of clear/neutral and each pallet holds 20 units. It is advised that this sheeting should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat sources. 

Polythene Shrink Tubing 

Polythene shrink tubing is heat shrank gusseted polythene tubing on a roll, which allows you to cut to the length you require and use with a heat shrink system. This product uses a type of plastic that shrinks when exposed to heat, creating a tight and solid fit around your products. 

This item is available in 60m or 95m roll lengths and comes in the standard colour of clear/neutral. 

Due to it’s properties, the polythene shrink tubing is highly flexible and is adapted to take the shape of your objects. Furthermore, this item is resistant to moisture and most chemicals, which makes it a very popular choice among customer when it comes to packaging and securing products.

LDPE Shrink Pallet Covers 

These heavy-duty polythene shrink pallet covers are for use with a heat shrink system, which help provide maximum load stability. 

The Shrinkwrap pallet covers are available in rolls of 50 in clear or blue polythene.

LDPE shrink pallet covers come in three sizes. 

• 1250/2300 x 1780mm

• 1250/2300 x 2020mm

• 1250/2300 x 2400mm

The LDPE shrink pallet covers can use a heat gun or shrink tunnel to shrink. The cover is placed over the pallet and will begin to shrink once the heat is applied to the material tightly around the pallet.

These shrink pallet covers include protection against dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors that could contaminate your products. They are also ideal for hindering theft and vandalising due to their secure and tight heat seal properties that make the contents difficult to damage without breaking the seal.



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