PowerWrapper™ 300

PowerWrapper™ 300

Due to the PowerWrapper 300’s motorized stretch system, your pallet wrap will be stretched by an incredible 300% allowing for optimal efficiency and waste reduction. The PW300 can support pallet loads up to 2400mm height, a maximum weight of 1500kg, and the majority of industrial and euro pallet sizes. 

A 1650mm turntable with multiple reduced profile ramp options is included with every PowerWrapper. Additionally, a flat turntable version measuring 25 mm in height is included for hand pallet trucks. This machine is best suited for high demand logistic processes.

  • Maximum pallet dimensions 1,000 x 1,200 mm
  • Maximum pallet weight 1,500 kg
  • Maximum wrap height (including pallet) 2,400 mm
  • Turntable diameter 1,650 mm
  • Turntable height 75 mm
  • One selectable programme & parameters
  • Photocell for automatic height measurement
  • Film carriage speed control included
  • Film slide FM with mechanical brake

Technical Characteristics

Total installed power 0,85 kw
Standard voltage 230 V – 50/60 Hz – 1 Ph
Electric plant and motors protection degree IP 54
Turntable diameter 1650 mm
Max. pallet dimensions 800×1200 mm or 1000 x 1200mm
Standard Wrapping height 2200 mm
Max. Load weight 1500 Kg
Rotation speed adjustable by frequency changer from 3 to 12 rpm
Spool carriage upwards/downwards speed adjustable by frequency changer
Acceleration/deceleration ramps adjustable by frequency changer
Precise phase stopping at cycle end

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