Stretch Wrap Film

Stretch Wrap Films

We stock hold vast amounts of Machine and Hand Film in our warehouse. This ensures that we can give our customers a quick and reliable service including next day delivery if required.

Our high quality products ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Our Manufacturers have assured us of their continuing investments in advancing their technology, assuring us we can keep our product quality superior to any competitor.

Machine Film

We offer a range of Cast Stretch Wrap Films in 500mm wide in 17-30 micron thickness in Standard, Power and Power Pre Stretch grades. The stretch capacity of these films ranges from 150% – 300% dependent upon the capabilities of your machine.

Hand Film

Surepack also stock a large range of Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap Films ranging in 400mm & 500mm wide, from 7-35 microns thick on standard or extended cores

At Surepack we are determined to offer all of our customers an excellent packaging assessment, efficient service, and above all a quality product ensuring a tailored service to meet our customer’s individual requirements.

Cast Films

Our Cast Films are manufactured with advanced technological machinery to ensure that they all have the following:-

  • High stretch capacity. The Higher the stretch capacity of the film the lower the amount of film needed to wrap each pallet.
  • Superior tear resistance. This guarantees that when the film is torn, the tear remains the same and does not get any bigger.
  • Strong elastic retention power. The gripping force of our film remains constant with time.
  • High quality raw materials:- By using a high performance film the thickness of the stretch film can be reduced resulting in less film used to wrap the pallet.

These main points are some of our ways of guaranteeing a great product which also gives you a saving on cost of each pallet wrapped

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