High Performance Film

The Sure way to reduce costs and increase profitability 

Our innovative range of ‘’New Generation’’ Stretch Wrap products that afford Cost; Manpower and Usage savings of up to 50%.

These products, developed over a number of years, are produced from state of the art polymer blends, allowing the films to perform to very high levels which in turn allow for much improved pallet load stability.

The films are designed to out-perform and replace ‘conventional’ 14mu to 23mu products in both Hand and Machine format.

It is also an environmentally friendly product leaving a much reduced carbon footprint from conventional stretch wrap.

We are able to offer a wide range of films and specifications, and tailor bespoke products to suit the customer’s particular requirements.

Simply call and ask for one of our specialists to view or discuss your packing operation and advise on the optimum product to use in order to improve packaging and reduce costs.

Site visits are preferred to ensure that the correct product is ensured.

We aim to offer you the least expensive cost per pallet usage, improved pallet stability and a reduction in your plastic wrap consumption

Power Wrap®  

The line of Power Wrap that we provide is one of the best films in the UK. 

Due to the nano machine pallet wrap’s design, the pallet wrap will:

– Lower your plastic tax (PRN’s)

– Increase bulk stacking safety 

– Decrease plastic consumption 

– Reduce movement in transit 

– Simplify scanning and presentation through it’s higher clarity 

– Lower the cost per pallet 

The 33 and 55 layer new-generation nanofilms from PowerWrap are made with less plastic and are optimized for hold force and rip resistance.

Rolls of PowerWrap’s superior machine pallet wrap can be up to 3,260 meters long and 500 mm wide. Thirty percent of PowerWrap® Green’s material is recycled.

Extra hold force in PowerWrap X-Secure helps secure very heavy loads. Pallet quantities (fifty rolls) are available for purchase.

PowerWrap® GREEN

In addition to being clear in color, the PowerWrap® GREEN is manufactured with a certified 30% recycled content to help you meet your environmental KPIs by reducing your usage of disposable plastic!

PowerWrap® X-SECURE

The PowerWrap® X-SECURE’s polymer layers is designed to withstand extra force to help fasten more substantial pallet loads.




The WRAPIDO® is a combination of the nano technology of the newest hand stretch film and the simple-to-use handheld dispenser.

When compared to similar products, the WRAPIDO® is 25% lighter and is a comfortable and efficient tool to wrap pallets, as opposed to using a roll of film.

The WRAPIDO® utilises the same nano technology as the PowerWrap® machine film, by using multiple layers of polymers creating a high tensile strength material.

When using the WRAPIDO® you can walk forwards to encase the pallet which is much safer and and ergonomic than walking backwards. 


The X-Pro® is designed to protect and present your goods effectively. With an easy-to-use and built in “elastic memory” technology, the X-Pro® wraps the load tighter at the pallet. This innovative new design is perfect to reduce your pallet wrap costs while also remaining easy to use. 

When you buy the X-Pro®, you will also get 2 free plastic handheld bungs. Furthermore, these pallet hand wraps are available in 400mm and 500mm widths which can be stretched up to 50% or 90%, depending on your choosing. All X-Pro® wraps have two colour options black and clear.


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