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Pallet Wrapping Machines

If you need to know about pallet wrapping machines, Surepack can help.

We advise and supply a range of high-quality semi automatic pallet wrapper machines to manufacturing, logistics and supply chain companies throughout Great Britain.

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers apply a stretch film (plastic film / wrap) around the pallet to protect it during transport. This stabilises the load and helps preserve it whilst in storage. All Surepack semi-automatic pallet wrapper machines use an LLDPE stretch plastic film, an elastic material that allows stable blocking of a pallet without any risk of capsizing or difficulties in transport.

Our PowerWrapper™ pallet wrapping machines are designed and engineered to deliver an affordable and effective way of wrapping pallets.

Each PowerWrapper™ pallet wrapper will help you use less plastic pallet wrap in the wrapping process, whilst ensuring improved load stability.

Discover our range of PowerWrapper™ machines below, and contact us on 0117 960 8706 or at

Our Pallet Wrapping Machines

PowerWrapper™ Pallet Wrappers – Engineered To Wrap Pallets Efficiently

Surepack has a pallet wrapper to suit your logistics operations.

Take a look at the PowerWrapper™ range, then contact us to discuss which is the most suitable for you.

Let’s talk about the height, weight, stability and number of pallets that you need to wrap, and the type of products on the pallet. This will all help evaluate which machine and the optimal configuration for it.

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