PowerWrapper™ Robotic

PowerWrapper™ Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Compact and mobile. A bestselling value for money pallet wrapping solution.

The PowerWrapper™ Robotic Pallet Wrapper can wrap up to 200 pallets on one battery charge, with pre-stretch pallet wrap film, in any location.

Easily transportable throughout a warehouse or distribution centre, simply take the machine to the pallets where and when you need it. It’s compact and clever design means that once the batteries are charged, there’s no trailing wires, and the machine can easily wrap any shape, size or weight of pallet.

The PowerWrapper™ Robotic has an easy-to-use touch screen control and with an option to have an in-built GMK compass, it will stop in exactly the place it started the pallet wrap cycle. This great is widely being used by operators in fulfilment and logistics centres across the UK.

The model can be provided with 4 different “Stretch heads” to apply the stretch film. This guarantees a long durability and best stretch performances during the machine lifetime.


  • Will wrap 20-40 pallets per hour
  • Maximum pallet dimensions 1,000 x 1,200 mm 
  • Wrap height (max) 2,700 mm
  • Film carriage power core-stretch system up to 280% with adjustable speed
  • Machine size 2,460 x 1,650 x 2,700 mm
  • Turntable diameter 1,650 mm
  • Turntable rotary speed 0-12rpm adjustable
  • Turntable height 78 mm
  • Turntable weight capacity (max) 2,000 kg
  • Total machine weight 450 kg
  • 5 storable wrapping programs

Technical Details

Minimum pallet dimensions 600 x 600 mm

Maximum height (including pallet) 2200 mm

2 AGM batteries for up to 200 pallets per charge

99 storable programs

Photocell for automatic height measurement

Film carriage speed control included

Film slide FM with mechanical brake

300% power pre-stretch film carriage

Additional options

Film carriage FE with electromagnetic brake

Process pallet heights up to 2400 mm

Roping device for reinforced or breathable stretch wrapping

GMK compass – always stops the machine in the same position

Automatic cutting at end of wrap cycle

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