If you’re just starting to think about automating your pallet wrapping, here are a few things to consider.

How much room do you have for a machine? Does it need to be mobile or can it be in a fixed position? The size, weight and stability of your load will be important – heavy and unstable loads will need careful handling and may need a top press.

Do your loads vary in size and weight? If so you will want a machine that automatically adjusts for different sizes.  Do you need to reduce the amount of film and packaging you use? We can conduct a free film cost analysis for you, call us today to arrange.

Surepack has a range of semi and fully automatic machines to suit all applications. All our machines are designed to be very easy to install and use, low maintenance and economical to run. Take a look at our range of machines on our website, or talk to us directly for more information.

We will also recommend the correct film specification to use depending on your loads and number of pallets that need to be wrapped per week.