If you send goods out on wooden pallets, most people prefer using stretch film to wrap the items to hold them tightly together. You can either manually wrap up pallets or nowadays people tend to use a Stretch Wrapping Machine. There are many advantages using a wrapping machine, here are some reasons why more and more companies are switching from manually wrapping over to machine wrapping.

Cost Reductions

Stretch wrapping is the most cost effective way to wrap pallets, modern stretch wrap machines can now pre-stretch film in excess of 300% so every metre of stretch film used becomes 4 metres. Not only will you end up using less film it will also save time as machines can wrap pallets a lot quicker than wrapping manually.


Stretch Film will protect your goods from moisture, dirt, sand and dust it also helps deter incidents of pilferage. Stretch film is a transparent product so you can clearly see the goods through the film for easy bar code scanning and visual product recognition. You can also use a Black Opaque Film as a security wrap to completely hide your goods. Stretch Film is extremely puncture resistant, you can be guaranteed that your products are safe from external scratches, abrasions or damage whilst in transit.

Environmentally Friendly

Bio-Degradable Stretch Film is now available! Made from virgin polyethene and the very best raw materials the results give extreme strength and stretchability. A five layer structure gives added protection, tear and puncture resistance.

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